How the ShipNest International Search Engine Works

How the ShipNest International Search Engine Works

Enter Details and Submit Your Inquiry

We believe that an international shipping search engine must be easy to use, and that is precisely what we have implemented in our revolutionary platform. The features on our site were built around the primary principles of ease of use, safety and security. Finding the right shipping company for international shipping or domestic shipping involves a few simple steps. Simply select your shipping category, type, destination, supply contact information and you will be presented with a number of different shipping companies to choose from. Upon submission, the inquiry will be sent to the companies selected.

Receive Quotations

Your inquiry will be reviewed by each of the companies. Following the review, you receive a quotation from each of the companies involved within 24 to 48 hours. We avoid involvement in any of these processes, allowing direct coordination and confidentiality between the customer and the shipping company. ShipNest aim to provide the platform for buyers and sellers to meet and facilitates direct communication between the two parties.

Select the company of your choice

Our users have freedom to select the shipping company of their choice. Receiving quotations from a number of leading shipping companies ensures transparency, and more importantly allows you to use the company that offers the BEST price. ShipNest is the first and only international shipping platform that allows; the customer to find the shipping company that initiates the shipment (origin) and the company that clears the shipment (destination) in ONE PLACE!

ShipNest for Companies - Revolutionary Credit Exchange System

ShipNest for Companies Revolutionary Credit Exchange System

We have built a platform that allows shipping companies to receive free leads. Our system moves away from the traditional pay-per lead system. Paid leads can be a waste of time and money if they are not relevant to your business. Additionally, by utilizing a paid lead generation company, you run the risk of receiving low quality leads. Leads are considered low quality, when they are not unique, in other words, if one lead is sent to many companies, the company with the lowest price will make the sale more often than not. Lead generation companies bill per lead, irrespective of whether a sale is made or not.

With nearly a decade of experience in the shipping industry and following extensive market research, we found that approximately 25% of the leads shipping companies receive, are not relevant to their business. Shipping companies receive leads that request services they do not provide on a daily basis. These leads are consequently rejected or discarded. The ShipNest credit exchange system aims to offer a practical solution to the myriad problems plaguing the shipping industry as a result of using low quality pay-per lead systems.

Our expansive network of shipping companies serves a variety of markets around the globe. Shipping companies can take advantage of the credit exchange system to convert leads that are not relevant to their business, into relevant leads. For instance, Shipping Company A provides shipping services from UK to USA and does not provide services to India, and Company B on the other hand, provides shipping services from India to USA, and does not provide services from USA to UK. Company A receives a lead that requests, shipping from India to USA, and Company B receives a lead that requests shipping from UK to USA. Under normal circumstances, both Company A and Company B would discard leads that request services in areas they do not serve.

Shipping Company A can use the ShipNest credit exchange portal to exchange their lead with Shipping Company B, resulting in relevant leads for both companies, absolutely free of charge. The credit exchange offers 1 credit for each lead submitted by any member company. These credits could then be redeemed to obtain leads relevant to your business. You can exchange 1 credit for 1 relevant lead.

In addition, the large network of shipping companies makes finding a destination clearing agent or shipping company easier than ever, ShipNest offer a comprehensive “all-in- one” solution including pricing, finding the best rates, a revolutionary credit exchange and much more, at absolutely no cost.

How Shipnest Works