About us

About ShipNest International


ShipNest, as a corporate entity and as individuals’ value privacy, ethics, professionalism, integrity, honesty and continual self-improvement. The customer is “always right” and we continually strive to provide a safe, reliable and convenient service. The shipping industry is our passion and we are committed to providing a platform that brings together a variety of customers and shipping companies around the world. We are committed towards fulfilling responsibilities towards our customers, employees, partners, stakeholders and the environment.


To provide a safe, secure, reliable and convenient platform that integrates shipping companies, partners and customers around the world instantly. Our primary focus is to bridge the knowledge gap between potential customers, standard shipping procedures and other concomitant processes. We are committed towards keeping customers apprised of the quality, security and standards of the various shipping companies around the globe.


We at ShipNest, aspire to become one of the best shipping search engines in the world, serving a variety of markets across different regions. We aim to provide services that cut across all segments of the shipping industry. We intend to streamline the shipping process by providing cutting-edge solutions and continually adapting to the changing business landscape.